CHF 749.00 CHF 977.00

A surfer with built-in cruise control and endorsed by an iconic legacy surf brand.

SIZE 4'3”:
Suggested weight limit: up to 165 LBS / bis 75 kg
Volume: 13.7 liters 
Fin size: 1 - 3” / 2 - 3.5”

SIZE 4'7”:
Suggested weight limit: up to 185 LBS / bis 84 kg
Volume: 15.1 liters 
Fin size:  1 - 3” / 2 - 3.5”

Construction: Magnaplasm 
Performance: Advanced
Thickness: Standard (Added top water speed with increased buoyancy)
Rail: Blended (Accelerated turns combined with a Sunday afternoon cruise)

The Conductor is the first of its kind that has the ability to generate speed and then maintain it in a more controlled manner. So you can spend less time worrying about where you are in relation to the peak of the wave, and more time thinking about your next maneuver. The Conductor rides higher and smoother through the water for a floaty feel inspired by our favorite saltwater deck. Since ‘91 when we first heard there was a new stone being washed ashore, we have been so inspired by the creative thinking of Volcom. No brand has had more influence over action sports in the past 3 decades, which is why we are so honored to debut this collaboration.

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