CHF 900.00

A timeless fun board for all styles / abilities.

SIZE 4'5”:
Suggested weight limit: up to 170 LBS / bis 80 kg
Volume: 14.2 liters 
Fins: S System
+1 – 3” Center Fiberglass Blueprint Fin
+2 – 4” Left/Right Fiberglass Blueprint Fins

Construction: Koal Classic 
Performance: All Levels
Thickness: Standard (Added top water speed with increased buoyancy)
Rail: Full (Smooth predictable arcs for a floaty surf feel)

A perfect overall fun shape that withstands time in the progression of surfer designs and constructions. The Fish can be loose, breaking free on the top of the lip, yet still responsive for a bottom turn drive that will get you there on time. You’ll get recreational level ease and stability from this smooth ride–a perfect shape for us inlanders looking for wake slashing versatility. Fun for the ages–a ride for all styles and abilities.

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