CHF 250.00 CHF 490.00

The Ankle Biter - Kanuks best kids board!

Length                       Rider weight
3’8”                              up to 110 LBS / 50 kg

Colors: Blue / white

 This board comes in ultralight fiberglass.
Riding level: Recommended for all kids

HANDS DOWN, the best kids board in the world! PERIOD! Perfect for kids just starting out and even “perfecter” for the hardcore kids! It’s incredibly easy for your little pint-sized shredder to flip this board up to their feet, making the process of getting up effortless. And if your little shredder is starting to progress to higher level tricks, the Anklebiter will still be there to deliver. Just ask Junior and Amateur World Champion, Evan Hudson, who is able to smash out pro level tricks on this very board! So, if you’ve got a little pro in the making or you still need some technology helping your kid to get up and surfing, give our ANKLEBITER a try!

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