CHF 109.00

Ronix Eight.3 Boost Sac 50lbs

Size 12L x 8W x 3H, (35.5cm x 30.5cm x 10cm)
Weight 50 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year

Attention: The Boost Sac can not be shipped due to the weight! Must be picked up with PRIOR NOTIFICATION in the store wakeandy by doodah at Metallstrasse 9, 6300 Zug

Where the water ballastsacs do not work, there is now a solution. The first ballast bags on the market. They are small and still have a place almost everywhere! The Eight.3 Boost Sac is actually filled with steel shot, a safer material for you and the environment. Most solid ballast bags are filled with lead, ours are not! However, using solid ballast will never replace water ballast. Boost Sacs have their main focus on trimming the boat.

The main disadvantage of using fixed ballast is that it is in the boat 24/7. Even if you're just going out on the lake for a beer. This extra weight can put extra stress on your boat and towing vehicle. Also note the allowable weight / number of people on your boat!